Bridal Portraits: Meg

This past Saturday we shot Meg + Ken’s wedding at Meg’s family home in Pinopolis, SC. (Also the site of Sara’s Wedding and Bridal Portraits as Meg is her sister!) We are busy editing the wedding pictures and are excited to share those with you later in the week, but first we can finally reveal Meg’s stunning Bridal Portraits.

For her Bridal shoot we began at Mepkin Abbey in Moncks Corner and then finished the night at her families historic home. Mepkin provided an ideal setting for Bridal Portraits as it was quiet and picturesque. Filled with lush green oak trees and dangling spanish moss there was an endless selection of beautiful locations to photograph.

Meg was a real adventurous Bride, which came in handy, as her shoot was full of surprises. While we were taking pictures at Mepkin, Meg lifted up her skirt to find the taffeta underneath swarming with love bugs! Luckily, she was no fuss and ready to continue with the photos as if the bugs were not there. (We think the love bugs were so attracted to her because she’s so full of love!)

I love the ruby red lipstick that Pamela Lesch chose for Meg. It gives her a very 50’s glamour look.

Shooting at the McCants’ Pinopolis home again was a true pleasure. It was fun taking the exact same location and finding ways to make the images different and completely unique for a second Bride. For Meg’s bridal portraits we walked into their field where we had two cows and a bull watching us suspiciously, to which Meg’s mother remarked, “I was just watching to see if the bull would charge!” (And we thought we were safe!)

This is one of my favorite shots of the day. There is something so lovely and simple about it. We can’t wait to share the wedding with you and will be back early in the week with another engagement shoot!