Bridal Portraits: Sara

Sara and Jason were married this past Saturday in a beautiful wedding on the Bride's family property in Pinopolis, SC. Later this week we will post images from their wedding, but for now we are so excited that we can finally share Sara's beautiful Bridal portraits from early April. We started the shoot with some formal portraits of Sara around their historic family home. Built in the 1830's you can only imagine how many weddings this house has seen.

After shooting around the house we decided to move on to Cypress Gardens and take a few photos. We arrived thirty minutes before close and were lucky enough to capture these two great shots.

Luckily Sara is a very laid-back Bride and was completely fearless about climbing into a boat in her wedding gown! Her sleek footwear might have helped as well...

After the shoot at Cypress Gardens we knew Sara was a brave Bride and up for anything. So when we came across a gorgeous path of Magnolia's lining the road, we knew we had to find a way to capture it. We quickly jumped out of the car and snapped some quick pictures before cars came whizzing by at 60 mph. (I never said this was a boring Bridal shoot!)

We returned to Sara's childhood home just as the sun was setting. It was fun getting to explore their property and find different places to shoot. This bamboo wall helped us create an ethereal, beautiful image.

The last photo of the night, down the families moss lined driveway. I love all of the colors in this image as it reminds me of a forest straight out of the pages of  fairytale.

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