Engaged: Randi + David

Randi and David are a fun, bubbly couple who met in Destin, FL. The two now live in Columbia, SC and were planning an October wedding in Charleston before they received the news that David, an f-16 fighter pilot, was being sent to Iraq for an open-ended deployment. Because of this the two wanted to get their engagement photos taken as soon as possible. To tie in David's love of flight,  Randi chose the Charleston Executive Airport on John's Island as well as downtown Charleston for their shoot.

A fun fact about David's flight suit is that it has the name "Stevie" printed on it. At first we assumed he hijacked someone else's uniform, but the idea made no sense. When we asked him we learned that his nickname is Stevie, for Stevie Wonder. One time David was flying with zero visibility and was able to blindly navigate his way, leading to the name!

The couple love downtown Charleston, so after the airport we drove to the scenic White Point Gardens to take a few intimate photos.

We took a stroll down the Battery

And finished the shoot with a little dancing in the street...

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