Published: The Hat Ladies of Charleston

This past Easter we here at Richard Ellis Photography took a break from weddings to watch the Easter Hat Lady Promenade in downtown Charleston. An annual event the promenade represents all things beautiful about Charleston. It encapsulates the "grace and gentility" of our wonderful city and welcomes Spring with a joyous and light affair. We were happy to watch the event unfold and even more thrilled that the Hat Ladies chose to include our images on their website. The ladies (and gents) were welcoming and kind to us and we were completely overwhelmed to hear that they have included us on their list "Friends of the Hat Ladies!"

If you want to see the Easter Promenade for yourself (and who wouldn't!) join the Hat Ladies Saturday April 23, 2011 for their 10th annual promenade.

As the Hat Ladies say "grab your camera and a ringside seat for this elegant stroll as in the days of yore!"