Bridal Portraits: Erin

Erin + Todd were married at Alhambra Hall this past Saturday and while we are busy at work editing those photos we wanted to share with you the gorgeous bridal portraits we took of Erin this past spring. We began the shoot near Erin and Todd's Mt. Pleasant home before continuing to downtown Charleston. As we were making our way downtown, only ten minutes into the shoot, rain came pouring down in buckets. Yet Erin was optimistic and agreed to keep on with the shoot and boy are we glad she did. I think you will agree with us that these bridal portraits are a testiment of how you can make a grey day beautiful. When things do not run perfectly it causes you to be creative and some of these rainy shots are among our favorites of the day. The silvery light cast from the grey clouds reflects off Erin and she is absolutely glowing in the images. The Bride kept calm and cool during the shoot and believed 100% in our ability to make it magical and we thank her for that. She spent the majority of the day barefoot and I love the casual feel it gives the pictures.

Look at those stunning doe-like eyes! Courtesy of the very talented Charleston makeup artist Pamela Lesch.

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