Wedding Day: The First Look

The “First Look” is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see your Groom and for him to see you in all your splendor and beauty moments before your ceremony. It is a private moment in a quiet location without family and friends and the stress of the wedding ceremony. Once you are ready with hair & make-up complete we bring you to a quiet, peaceful and private location where we shoot portraits for about 10 minutes. It’s a chance to create beautiful pictures of the bride alone just before the wedding begins. Just as we are finishing up the portrait shoot my second photographer Gillian will quietly bring your fiance who will carefully approach you from behind enjoying the moments of seeing you as his beautiful bride before tapping you on the shoulder. At that moment you both see each other in perfection, only moments from being married, in the splendor of your gown and his suit. It is a second stolen from life with the love, beauty and desire that brought you together. 

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